The Lift System


So you’re in the market for new flooring and you might be looking around at your existing furniture with a pit in your stomach thinking about the time, manpower, and productivity it’s going to cost to tear everything down and set it back up again.

And that’s exactly the problem we set out to solve with The Seelye Group Lift System.

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So, What is The Lift System?


The lift system is a procedure that allows Seelye Group to remove the old floor covering and reinstall new carpet tile without removing any existing furniture or modular cubicles.

Making it the most efficient and economical approach to replacing your carpet!

Install new carpet and remain fully operational!

Now, you can stay fully operational by phasing out your installation process and eliminate the need to involve electricians, IT, furniture installers and movers...which end up extending the timeline and driving up cost!

Instead, our team of clean-cut installation experts can methodically work their way through your space and ensure your installation process is smooth.

We can even work evenings, which ensures you have no downtime and your staff stays productive and profitable!

And the end result will exceed your expectations!

How does it work?

We strive to make your installation process as seamless as possible! That includes providing your staff with a clear step-by-step checklist that details exactly what they need to do to prepare!


The Lift System:

This video walks you through what your staff needs to do to prepare for The Lift System.




The Lift System
+ White Glove Cleaning:

White Glove Cleaning is a perfect add-on service for The Lift System! This video walks you through what your staff needs to do to prepare.


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